“Using Social Media To Air Your Business ‘Dirty Laundry’ on Social Platforms”

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Using Social Media To Air “Dirty Laundry”

Nothing turns off customers or clients more than businesses using social media to air “dirty laundry” on social platforms.  Some topics are “No No’s” and should be avoided completely when it comes to your online presence as a business.

What do I mean by “dirty laundry”?  I saw this thread posted by a restaurant on their Facebook business page: “if we don’t get more customers, we’ll be out of business.” I thought, Wow.  A few days later, along with the dinner special, this post appeared: “if we lose more wait staff, we’ll be out of business.”   Several weeks later, customers were treated to this dramatic post “all I ever get applying are high school kids that only want to work one day a week! It SUCKS!!”  You can bet, I was ready to jump in my car and drive to their restaurant for the meatloaf special.

Truthfully though, I thought they may have gone out of business until this week when a post popped up “rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated”.  Well, surprise! When using social media platforms leave the drama out and avoid these business “No No’s”.

4 business “No, No’s” when using social media platforms.

Don’t post Negative topics.  Posting business gripes like “We’ll be out of business at this rate” is a pretty sure way to turn a gripe into reality.  Your customers want to know what is going right, not wrong.  Use your business social media platforms to post positive and relevant topics about your business.

Don’t bash your Employees – If your business is experiencing staffing issues, customers don’t need (or want) to hear about them.  Nothing travels faster on social media than bad news; employees and potential employees are reading the same social media platform posts. Resolve employee problems internally not on your social platforms.

Don’t use negative slang expressions or profanity.  Informing your customers something “SUCKS!!” is not acceptable.  While foul language may not offend some readers there are a boat load of people who don’t want to read it. Your business voice and tone on social platforms matters; keep it professional.

Don’t Complain. Social platforms are not the forum for business complaining.  Airing problems and grievances is a sure signal to customers you don’t know how to manage your business.  If you want to vent, do it offline.

Keep your dirty laundry offline.  Customers want to have a great experience both online and offline.  Are there any other “No No” rules you would like to add to this list for businesses using social media?  Leave a comment and let me know.