Did you know that more than 70 percent of non-profit organizations expect to develop social media strategies in 2012?
According to Charity Dynamics’  2012 Digital Marketing Survey “U.S. nonprofit groups have indicated that they likely will place heavy emphasis on social media and mobile solutions to drive stronger fundraising and marketing results”
Social media and mobile solutions are uniquely suited for non-profit marketing.  Social Media platforms are free and stretch limited budgets and resources. It is no longer enough to simply use one social media platform to communicate your organization’s mission.  Strategy, planning, and persistence are needed to maximize the communication benefits of social media platforms. Non-profits as with for profit businesses must consider  integrating broad range social media tools to engage with the public, raise awareness for their causes, and increase their fundraising capability.
Consider some of these high impact/low cost (no cost) ideas when strategizing how to optimize social media for your organization:
Keep it simple, informative and engaging, and keep it current.
Ask questions. Engage your fans—get the conversations flowing.
Encourage cross conversations.  The more chatter, the bigger the reach.
Be Visual. Post photos, video’s, links to like media sites.
Keep a constant drip of information flowing to your followers.
Engage your followers: ask questions that pertain to the cause or event.
Promote upcoming events and special event promotions.
Encourage your followers to use #hashtags to create groupings.
Establish an organization presence.
Promote your organization with status updates, services.
Include your social media URLs in organization email, newsletters, on Facebook, Twitter.
Community Calendars (On-Line)
Promote your organization’s events on local, state community on-line calendars.
Include organizations social media URL’s and web site links.
Create mobile-ready content pages.
Allow supporters to use their mobile devices to make donations.
Enable supporters to view maps and events
Send event reminders, create excite via mobile messaging.
The key to success in adoption of social networking tools is providing multiple opportunities to integrate your organization and fundraising with social networking tools.  Seeing the results of your social media outreach won’t be instantaneous, but don’t give up.   Once these strategies are fully developed, they will take your organization in a whole new direction.