Posse of Greatness

Who is your Posse of Greatness?

Don’t you just love the sound of those three words?  Do you have business influencers? The people who may not be the most famous, but who inspire you as role models, who continuously share ideas that spark your fire, and inspire you to do your best?

Every day when I log into any of my social media channels, I am inundated with messages about how to get more followers, more likes, more connections, more pins, more of whatever it is that “they” believe makes you more notable. The notion, it seems, is that we must have a cavalry following us if we are ever going to make anything out of ourselves.  It is the. if you’ll excuse the cliché, “Bigger is Better” philosophy.

I must admit, when I began the journey into social media, my eye was on the numbers as if who I was would seem more important and more legitimate if I had x numbers on my Facebook Page, on Twitter, or Google.  But the “Bigger is Better” philosophy is exhausting, consumes a lot of time and energy, and the return on investment is small.

These days, my energy focuses on seeking out communities—posses of greatness, influencers that share a common interest with me–communities that share conversations, connections, encouragement and support, and who grow and flourish through passion and trust.  When these elements come together there is a fierce loyalty born.  It takes time to find the right community, to feel safe enough to speak up, to share experiences ideas, and it takes commitment.

How do you find a community of greatness?  Start small.  Hitch your wagon to those in the social media community that consistently spark your passions, who engage in meaningful and honest discussions, and who inspire you to aim for the best in yourself.  Once you begin to build this circle of community, this posse of greatness, your community will naturally begin to grow with the right people—those you can trust and feel safe to engage and share experiences.

Grab your Stetson, saddle up, and leave a comment about your on-line community posse of greatness experience.