5 Ideas To Get More Comments, Likes, And Repins With Your Pinterest Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do you need to be doing to get the highest engagement with your pins on Pinterest. Over 50% of the content on your Pinterest page should be original content from you. With 80% of  the pins on Pinterest coming from repins, when you are creating Pinterest content you want to make it count.

So what types of pins receive the highest engagement and interaction from Pinners? Here are 5 Pinterest content tips to generate traffic and capture more comments, likes, and repins.

Teaser Text

Teaser Text grabs a reader’s attention in a short sentence or phrase. Use simple images with a short but to the point text overlay. If you have a blog post or tutorial you are linking to use teaser text to pique your reader’s attention. An example might be this article title “5 Ways To Get Noticed On Pinterest” layered on a simple image.


Create checklists. Checklists tend to be one of the most viral forms of content on Pinterest. Create “How To” or “5 Simple Things To…” types of checklists. Include a CTA (Call to Action) on your checklist, like “Pin It” or “Click to read more.”

Tall Pins

Pins that are taller than they are wide are more popular and get more engagement than a square or wide pin. Create pins that are at least 800 px in height and about 200 px wide.


Pinterest loves information presented in a visual way. Share your knowledge or information in an infographic. Add data from a chart or include quotes and videos that share your knowledge about a topic. Here are 5 tools to help you create just the right message–infographic style.


People love videos. Videos on Pinterest get the most likes, comments, and repins. Pin videos directly from your YouTube channel or from the web simply by clicking “pin it” button and selecting the board you want to pin to.

Add some of these Pinterest content ideas to your Pinterest content strategy and discover the power of building your “pinfluence” on Pinterest! Did you learn something new? Pin this article to your favorite Pinterest board to read and refer back to later!