If you have pets you may be aware of this syndrome, I call it hair of the dog. It’s the syndrome whereby a stray pet hair becomes attached to your coffee cup or your lip and you desperately are trying to grab it usually without looking. You think you have it, raise the cup to your mouth only to find the hair is still attached. Repeat this action several times.

I liken this syndrome to the search across social media content to find the just-right tidbit, morsel, goody to share with Twitter followers, Facebook readers, Pinterest pinners, and the list goes on. Finding the hair of the dog entails combing through literally hundreds of posts on social media platforms to isolate at least 5-6 relevant ideas (for just that day) that will, I hope, be educational, informative, inspirational, and thought provoking. Sometimes, the search is easy and relevant ideas jump up and roll over, other times the search is, well, almost desperate, as the minutes tick by and the search comes up a big fat nothing. And, social media analytics, like a snarly dog hair, is not kind to a Page owner even for one day.

There are thousands of social media “how to” articles and blogs regarding relevant social media content which can be helpful. But the reality is the search to find that handful of bits comes down to understanding your audience, offering them a bit of yourself, and hopefully engaging them for one more day.

Finally, the digging is done, the hair is found, the posts are made and the analytics will pant a little less. I can raise my coffee cup once again knowing this time the hair of the dog has been overcome and I can just enjoy that last sip for the day.