#Grateful for my Online Community.

Reflecting on the many things I am grateful for this 2014 business year, COMMUNITY GRATITUDE is at the top of my list.

A little over two years ago I launched my social media business and started to build an online community. Building a community in the social sphere isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. A community is built little by little, day by day.

I continually marvel at the many people who had a hand in and have contributed towards growing my business. Like the Oscar Awards, I wish there was time and space to thank everyone; know that I am grateful for each and every one of you.

The people I mention below are amazing and giving social media professionals in their individual niches. They are mentors, teachers, writers, motivators, and cheerleaders. It’s been an amazing privilege getting to know this awesome group–I am super excited to share a little bit about them and their businesses with you! I hope you’ll get to know them and pop over to visit their social channels.

Brooke Ballard

Brooke Ballard, owner of B Squared Media, is not only a fantastic social media strategist but social media educator and teacher. I think if Brooke hadn’t become such a good social media strategist, she could have been a teacher and one of my favorites. Brooke is tireless in helping others succeed at social media. Her webinars, publications, and newsletter help you understand the nits and grits of social media.  Look for more than conversation when connecting with Brooke and be prepared to be educated.

Jenn G. Hanford
J+ Media Solutions

Jenn Hanford, owner of J+ Media Solutions, was one of my  first social media professional connections. She, in fact, introduced me to my first Google H/O experience.  Let me just say that my audio didn’t work, and there were more than a few “can you hear me now” conversations. We solved the problem by improvising with our cell phones and having more than a few laughs.  Jenn serves as a member of the Editorial Board for Social Media Club, contributes monthly articles for multi-author site SteamFeed and bi-monthly articles for ME Marketing Services.  Jenn is an influential writer about many social media topics.

Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips, owner of Codefetti a professional web design and social media company, is one of the nicest and most web design savvy people I know.  Michelle and I have had the opportunity to speak IRL and usually end up laughing at our similar social media woes. Michelle posts and writes about web design, WordPress, and all things web technical. Michelle was the first person I thought of when I decided to have an SEO Audit performed on my website. WOWZA, I learned so much from her detailed analysis and recommendations. Using Michelle’s guidance, my website “grade” on QuickSpout climbed from a B- to an A-!

Sonja Pound
Gramercy Social

Sonja is the founder/owner of Gramercy Social, a social media consulting company focused on creating brand identity across digital and print media. Sonja motivates her readers with her creative writing, beautiful graphics, and just plain fun posts. Sonja is an online cheerleader and conversationalist whether it’s commenting on an article or engaging on social media.  Sonja can be found on most social platforms. Make sure to check out her fabulous YouTube “How To” videos!

Terry League
League Computer Solutions

Terry League, co-owner of League Computer Solutions, helps businesses solve the technology puzzle.  Through her posts and blog articles, Terry informs and educates her readers about what’s happening in the social and technology world. My personal favorite from Terry is her weekly “Social Media Roundup” posts, a compilation of League Computer’s favorite articles from the current week.  Hook up with League Computer’s blog to stay current with what’s happening in the online world.

Denys Kelley
Kelley Pro Media

Positivity brims in every post when you follow Denys Kelley. Denys and husband Ed are the owners of Kelley Pro Media, social media marketing/web Design Company. Denys is an inspiration on any platform you follow her, always exuding an upbeat and positive attitude. From Facebook to Instagram, Denys shares her passion for social media and life. You’ll love her insight on a wide range of social media topics–be prepared to be motivated every day!

Teri Steel
Taking Care Of Business

Teri, owner of Taking Care of Business, helps individuals and small businesses take their ideas from conception to completion. Teri shares her passion for family, her business, and social cause ACS’s Relay for Life.  Teri shares an eclectic mix of post topics from business and motivation to life lessons. One of my favorite posts is her Weekend Warrior pump up music video share…more than once the music has been cranked up to full blast here at CAC. Following Teri is like a speeding freight train, you never know what’s around the corner, but you’ll love it!

Yvonne A. Jones
Social Media And Customer Service for Your Business

Yvonne is a relationship builder for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In 2013, she was recognized by the HuffingtonPost.com as one of “The Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros on Twitter.” Yvonne teaches and encourages others to learn and grow and is driven by doing the right thing for the best possible results.  Yvonne recently asked me if I would be interested in writing a Guest Post for her business. Of course, I was honored and delighted. You can read the article on Yvonne’s blog. Yvonne and I were delighted to receive an awesome Twitter shout out from Buffer!

Dawn Kelly
Dawn Kelly

Be Yourself. Be Happy. Two phrases Dawn Kelly is passionate about in business and life. Dawn, owner of Dawn Kelly [Biz] and a force behind NE Hoosier Business combines helping small businesses grow in her Indiana community with helping small business online.  Dawn loves to share the knowledge she has gained through 15 years of business experience mixed in with nuggets of wisdom she calls “Life Moments.” Dawn always amazes me with her consistently positive energy and upbeat outlook on business and life.

One final thought. Never take your online community for granted. There’s no guarantee they will always be there.  Connect with people as you would IRL. Introduce yourself.  Be transparent. Be positive. Be Grateful. Be Proactive. Be nice. Before you know it, you will have built an incredible online community!

Over to you! How have you built your online community? Share your community building tips with us!