Business blogs are a powerful way to reach and engage with a large audience and showcase your knowledge and passion for your small business.

If you are not a natural writer or new to blogging, a business blog can be a daunting task. I found blogging was intimidating because I was reading and comparing myself to seasoned bloggers and big company blogs. I was sabotaging myself before I had written one word. Blogging. Think simple. Think conversation. Think one step at a time.

The following video from Ira Glass, American radio and TV host is a powerful 2 minute video that will inspire you to keep writing and keep going.

Finally, I share 5 tips quick tips for you to consider that might lower the stress level of writing a business blog.

1. Write Within Your Means – You don’t need to write a long blog post (over 500 words). If you have a great idea, start writing and don’t stop to look at the word count. The goal is to get your idea across, not to add (or subtract) words to reach some magical number. Once you have your idea down on paper, tweak it, walk away from if for a while, and then read it again. Do not over think your blog, publish it.

2. Listen to and Get Blog Ideas from your Customers – Listen to your customers and potential customers. What are their challenges? What questions do they ask you most often? Focus on your area of expertise and what is relevant to your customers then write about it.

3. What are Others are Writing About – Don’t feel that you have to reinvent the wheel with your blogs. Oftentimes you can spin a different angle on a topic that’s already been written about. Read other blogs, take note of a word or sentence that interests you and expand on it. Maybe you’ve had a personal business experience that gives you a new perspective on another blog. Write about it.

4. Showcase People – Have a great customer or another business that compliments yours? Spotlight your most active or best customer. If your business focus is on social media platforms and you have a business friend whose specialty is writing content, ask for a guest blog.

5. Keep it Focused on Business – Most importantly, keep your blog relevant to your business or industry. While writing with a personal touch helps your reader know you, writing about personal is not good content for your blog.

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