I confess,  ABC’s  Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows.  Categorized as a “reality show”, the reality is that Shark Tank cranks out entrepreneurial ‘lessons learned’ every week.


Each week, budding entrepreneurs step in to the ‘Tank’ to present their product pitch to the oh so intimidating “Sharks”, five successful venture capitalists.  For the unprepared seekers of capital who don’t know their product facts, it can be an excruciating and palm sweating experience to watch as the Sharks tear in to the presenter, followed by the  ominous “I’m Out”.  For the well prepared presenter, who has a unique product, who knows the numbers and market, it becomes a cat and mouse bidding frenzy by the Sharks.

After three seasons, I whittled down my preferred list of venture capitalists, my #1 choice Barbara Corcoran.  Barbara is the only female “Shark” in the Shark Tank,  and the venture capitalist who has been the most successful with her investments on Shark Tank.  Shark Tank airs on ABC, Fridays, at 8 pm!  (check your local listings).